Rent a car and long term parking
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Car rental terms and conditions



The driver must be 23 years old.

Driver must posses driving license for minimum of 3 years; license is required for inspection.

Mandatory ID – ID card or passport for inspection.

Required cash deposit depending on the vehicle class.



The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours)

Pick up and returning time of the vehicle must be identical. We will tolerate 60 minutes delay in returning the vehicle. After the expiration of this time, we will charge you a new, additional day of rent.



The rent is paid on vehicle puck up, by cash or by bank transfer (legal entities) at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. Deposit is optional, except for certain categories of vehicles and depends on the credibility of the client.



The fuel consumed during renting is paid by the lessee. K 5 Auto will charge refueling in case the lessee returns a rented vehicle with less fuel than the amount that the vehicle was supplied when it was taken over. Fuel is not included in the car rental price



Penalties for traffic offenses during the period of rental of vehicles, which are the result of violations of the traffic regulations of the Republic of Serbia, are the sole responsibility of the lessee. The leaseholder is obliged to pay and inform K 5 Auto about all possible traffic fines (parking penalty, traffic offenses …). The penalty payment service for parking and traffic violations is charged 10 euros.



 Havaris of a rented vehicle in a traffic accident – in the event of a traffic accident involving a rented vehicle, the Lessee pays the entire damage on the rented vehicle.

Damage on a rented vehicle outside a registered traffic accident (parking damage, etc.) – in case of parking damage and traffic damage on a rented vehicle, the Lessee pays the entire damage on the rented vehicle.

Vehicle theft during rental – in case of missing or stealing the rented vehicle The lessee pays the value of the entire vehicle.

Disability (partial or complete) and death of drivers and passengers in a rented vehicle as a result of the accident.

The leaseholder is responsible for the damage done to the rented vehicle, as well as the damage caused by the non-use (vehicle standing for the entire duration of the repair). The amount of financial loss incurred by the Lessor due to non-use (standing) is determined in the amount of the daily rental price of the vehicle according to the valid price list for the agreed vehicle group.

Damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to the tires and wheels, damage to the lower part, broken and / or lost key, lost documents from the vehicle, damage to the alarm, damage odometer, damages caused by pouring the wrong type of fuel and damage done knowingly or carelessly will be charged in full amount from the lessee vehicles. When the vehicle is returned, the condition of the vehicle will be checked together by the client and our employee and compared to the condition of the vehicle when it is taken over. Any change in vehicle condition, ie all new damages will be recorded in the Lease Agreement form and signed mutually.

Personal belongings and luggage are not secured and we do not recommend that such things be kept in a rented vehicle when parked. Do not leave a traffic permit or a lease agreement in the car.



  • It is forbidden to operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, medicines, and intoxicants. In these cases, insurance is not valid. The customer is charged the full amount of damage / theft.
  • The rented vehicle can be operated only by a person who is listed as a driver in a rental agreement. It is allowed the possibility of entering into the contract an additional driver, with the approval of K5 auto, when the vehicle is taken over.
  • It is forbidden to use the leased vehicle by unauthorized persons, i.e. persons not listed in the lease agreement. In these cases, insurance is not valid – the customer is charged full amount of damage / theft.

The rented vehicle must not be used:

  • for unlawful purposes (eg criminal offenses, customs and foreign exchange violations …)
  • for paid transport of passengers or goods;
  • for any competition, speed trials or races;
  • for driving or pulling other vehicles, trailers or any objects;
  • when the vehicle is not working properly;
  • for driver training.
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